Whoever thinks big...
Behind each entrepreneur is a person
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We are Civil Law Notary and sparrings partners
An allround team of specialists
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Whoever thinks big…..

… sees a world full of possibilities. With extraordinary opportunities in everyday things. Driven by great ambitions. However big or small you are.

Anyone who thinks big is not going to be held back by a rapidly changing market, complex legislation or challenging legal issues.


Whoever thinks big, thinks Olenz

Behind each entrepreneur is a person

In addition to corporate law and real estate law, we also regulate the usual matters within personal and family law. Many issues have, after all, both business and private aspects.

This requires an integrated approach. We are there for the enterprising client:

  • the entrepreneur
  • the DGA
  • the family business
  • the investor
  • the shareholder

and the private individual.

Today and tomorrow. Working on a sustainable relationship is our first priority.

Your question is our starting point

Our partners and specialists have different expertises, but possess the same base characteristics: ambitious, enterprising and accessible.

All professionals who look beyond the boundaries of their own expertise. And even though our partners have earned their spurs in large and complex cases, they know like no other what concerns local entrepreneurs and act accordingly. With short lines and a good, personal relationship.

So you always have a point of contact knowledgable about your issues, industry and organisation.


We are Civil Law Notary and sparrings partners

Strong in the understanding of new and complex situations. And eager to find the best solution. We are enterprising enough for that.

Every day revolves around looking forward, making the right choices and thoughtful decisions. We like to actively think along with you. Based upon our years of experience and in-depth legal knowledge.

Our office is large enough to operate at a high level and small enough for the human touch. We like to keep it personal. That helps to ask the right, critical questions and quickly adapt.

Current market knowledge and insight into the world of our clients are of course part of this. We can advise you on all fronts, about individual judicial matters and guide you in the best way to meet your ambitions.

An allround team of specialists

Our office consists of

  • 4 notaries
  • 2 assigned notaries
  • 11 junior notaries
  • 7 paralegals
  • 1 legal advisor
  • 5 support staff
  • 3 financial staff

and a team of 19 employees, responsible for the daily support.

The junior notaries are all graduated in notarial law and support the civil law notaries working on your file.

mw. mr. Anouk Diepeveen
Junior notary
Gertine Groeneveld
Team member
Melisa Cyntje
Notarial assistant
mw. mr. Moniek Wever
Assigned notary
mw. mr. Isabelle Cox
Civil law notary
mw. mr. Emma van den Berg
Junior notary
Fleur van den Broek
Notarial assistant
mr. Jan-Willem Hermans
Civil law notary
mw. mr. Evelien te Molder
Junior notary

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