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“By focusing specifically to the entrepreneur, we have gained specific knowledge in all areas and serve entrepreneurs throughout the country.”

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Olenz Notarissen is one of the oldest offices in the Netherlands, since the first Veenendaal civil-law notary was certified in 1681, we have been active in the Netherlands.

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“In 1681, 39 deeds were signed in a whole year. On a busy day today, we do more now.

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New energy sources who do they actually belong to?

About Olenz Notarissen

Strong in the understanding of new and complex situations. and burned on finding the best solution. We are all the entrepreneur needs.

Every day revolves around looking forward, making the right choices and taking thoughtful decisions. We like to actively think along with you. From years of experience and as broad as in-depth legal knowledge.

Our office is large enough to operate at a high level and small enough for the human size. We like to keep it personal. That helps to ask the right, critical questions and quickly find the answers. Current market knowledge and insight into the world of our clients are of course part of this. We can advise you on all fronts, about individual jurisdictions.