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Sun on the roof

Many companies would like to become more sustainable by installing solar panels on the roofs of their buildings.

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New energy sources who do they actually belong to?

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“By focusing specifically to the entrepreneur, we have gained specific knowledge in all areas and serve entrepreneurs throughout the country.”

office olenz notarissen netherlands

Olenz Notarissen is one of the oldest offices in the Netherlands, since the first Veenendaal civil-law notary was certified in 1681, we have been active in the Netherlands.

Behind each entrepreneur is a private person

In addition to corporate law and real estate law, we also regulate the usual matters within the law of people and family.

Many issues have, after all, both business and private aspects. This requires an integrated approach.

We are there for the enterprising client:

  • The entrepreneur
  • Director and major shareholder (DGA)
  • Director 
  • Major Shareholder
  • Family business
  • Investor
  • Shareholder
  • Private individual

Today and tomorrow. Working on a sustainable relationship is our first priority.