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“In 1681, 39 deeds were signed in a whole year. On a busy day today, we do more now.


Rather excel as a family business than fight as a family feud


Who will decide for me about my business if I can no longer do it myself?

Office Olenz civil law notary

“By focusing specifically to the entrepreneur, we have gained specific knowledge in all areas and serve entrepreneurs throughout the country.”

mw. mr. Isabelle Cox

Corporate law

mw. mr. Isabelle Cox

Isabelle (1976) graduated from Leiden University and is a civil law notary with over 15 years of experience, married, has two children and a healthy dose of humor. As a specialist in corporate law, she seeks creative and practical solutions for her clients. In addition, she regularly teaches.

Civil law notary at Olenz
Expertise >Corporate law
Specialisation >You and your company
Dutch, English, German, France

Notaris sinds 2009

Kandidaat-notaris bij Olenz notarissen van 1999 tot 2009

  • Nyenrode Business Universiteit Leergang verdiept vennootschapsrecht (2014)
  • EPX Specialist Bedrijfsoverdracht (2012)
  • Notarieel recht, Universiteit Leiden (1999)
  • Specialisatieopleiding ondernemingsrecht (CPO) (2008)
Side activities

  • Bestuurslid Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie Digitalisering, Innovatie en ICT
  • lid werkgroep New Technologies CNUE (council of the notariats of the European Union)
  • lid en oprichter VON, Vereniging Ondernemingsrechtspecialisten Notaris
  • IT Notaris
  • lid Vereeniging Handelsrecht