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New energy sources who do they actually belong to?


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mw. mr. Moniek Wever

Moniek (1984) graduated from the University of Groningen in 2007 and has since then been working at Olenz. She started in the real estate department, after which she made the transition to corporate law in 2010. Since then she has acquired broad experience in corporate law. In 2016, she started working with Arnaud in the sustainable section, an ideal combination with her experience in real estate and corporate law. Together they have been involved on behalf of the KNB the model deed for the establishment of leasehold for solar panels. In addition, she teaches for the INM and Lexlumen in the field of corporate law. She is the mother of 2 sons and loves to read and travel.

mw. mr. Moniek Wever werkzaam bij Olenz Notarissen Veenendaal
Assigned notary at Olenz
Dutch, English, German

Junior Notary with Olenz notarissen since 2007

  • Beroepsopleiding notariaat 2011
  • Grotius Ondernemings- en vennootschapsrecht 2014
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