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As well as solar panels, we see many customers who wish to opt for other types of sustainable installations, like sustainable district heating.

These networks are often installed in a row of houses or apartment buildings. These installations generate heat (and sometimes cold), and deliver it to the connected homes. Heat networks raise many of the same questions as the operation of solar panels, but you also have to deal with a number of unique issues. As the operator, you have a monopoly with regard to the heat supplied, and are therefore bound by special legislation such as the Heat Act.

Heat Act

The main difference between a heat network and a solar panel installation is that, in most cases, you can only supply the heat you generate to the users of the building in which the installation is located. Electricity can almost always be supplied to the public grid, whereas heat cannot be freely transported and traded. On the other hand, the users of the building can often only buy heat from you. This raises questions: How do I set the price of the heat supplied? What rights do my customers have in the event of malfunctions in the heat system? Who is responsible for the final temperature delivered if the radiator is not properly maintained? To protect customers of sustainable heat from the monopoly position of the heat operator, the Heat Act was created, which regulates the supply of sustainable heat to private individuals. The Heat Act includes the requirements that the supply of heat must meet and also sets the maximum rates that you may charge for the supply of heat.

We will be happy to help you draw up agreements that take these points into account.

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