Getting divorced? What do you need to do?

Getting divorced can be a difficult time where there are many arrangements to be made. We can handle all aspects of your divorce including hidden access and complex legal issues, from beginning to end.


All arrangements between the parties will be documented in a covenant, where you can make agreements regarding the following:

  1. Sharing of possessions and debts
    Issues regarding the marital property, and household effects like cars, bank accounts etc.
  2. Alimony
    Is it needed? Is your income not enough to support yourself? We make all the calculations for you.
  3. Pension
    Is there a pension to be included in your settlement? Does it have to be shared?

Parenting plan

It is very important to draw a Parenting Plan
Are there any minors involved? A Parenting Plan can be drawn up in addition to the covenant. Cost of childcare, where will they reside and with whom. We can draw these plans for you and submit them to court.


Once the court has finalized the divorce, the correspondent certificate, called certificate of acquiescence will be sent to you. After signing these deeds of resignation, you will agree to the divorce. The papers will then be submitted to the municipality and that will be the official date of your divorce.

After the divorce

Once the divorce has been pronounced, a notarial deed will be drawn regarding joint assets to be divided, such as the marital home and, or shares in a private limited company. A notarial deed will be drawn by us. This might also be the right time to amend your will.

Why Olenz?

We have a team of specialised divorce lawyers to guide you through the proceedings.

During this time, you will be allocated your own personal expert who will be fully aware of your situation.

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mr. Koen van den Berg
mr. Koen van den Berg
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mr. Koen van den Berg
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mw. mr. Leonie Stokkel
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