New property development in general

Are you a property developer looking for your next investment?

At Olenz Notarissen you have come to the right place! We have a team of specialists to assist you with your property projects. With a new construction project, there are many aspects to be discussed:
  • The most tax efficient plan?
  • The easements that may apply to the project to ensure that the future desired situation is also legally permissible?
  • The most efficient and cost-effective way of establishing the plot at the Land Registry (surveying)?
  • Should a drawing of lots be organised in connection with the expected number of registrations?
  • Which rights in rem for the benefit of utility parties will have to be established
  • Whether and if so, which sustainable facilities will be realised in the project?

With answers to these questions the team at Olenz Notarissen can think along with you and guide you so that your project as realistic as you require!

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mr. Jan-Willem Hermans
mr. Jan-Willem Hermans werkzaam bij Olenz Notarissen Veenendaal
Civil law notary
mr. Jan-Willem Hermans

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