Since 2014, the Dutch government has had a reduced rate scheme in place, that provides tax rebates on energy if certain criteria are met.

This discount is aimed at small consumers who jointly own sustainable production installation such as a field with solar panels. Residents in eligible areas can register their postcode and make use of these promotions.

But how does this postcode work? Olenz can help you answer all your questions. Are there any snags or catches? When does one become eligible for the discount? How does one know if there is joint ownership and cooperation? Can this be done via the owners’ association (VvE) or might a cooperative be more suitable? Who can join? And can I cancel my membership?

At Olenz, we are happy to help you answer these questions and we can help you set up

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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille

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