Sun on the roof

Many companies would like to become more sustainable by installing solar panels on the roofs of their buildings, no matter the size, but they might not have the funds to purchase the panels , or they find that the yield from the solar panels may be too low for investment.

As well as commercial buildings, solar panels can be installed on houses or blocks of flats. Often, however, homeowners do not wish to take the responsibility upon themselves as they find it difficult or complex. If that were the case, an agreement could be made with a third party (the solar panel operator). This operator would install the solar panels on the owner’s roof and incur all expenses and risks. It is essential that an agreement between these parties is correctly documented and that the panel operator retains ownership of the panels. If you want to get started as a solar panel operator, you may encounter various problems. What should you do if the building on which you want to install solar panels is leased? How do you ensure that your bank has sufficient security and that you can secure financing for your project? For how long do you conclude the agreement with the building owner, and what happens to the solar panels when the agreement expires?

For all these questions and more, please contact our Sustainable Development Department. We will be happy to help you further by advising you on the various legal possibilities and preparing the necessary legal documentation for you.

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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille

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