Sustainability of Housing Association

A lot of sustainability begins at home.

If solar panels are placed on houses or a heat network is installed in an apartment building, the cooperation of the owner is needed to realise this. Sometimes it is even the owner himself who takes the initiative.

Often, however, the owner is not a private individual but a Housing Association that rents out the homes. These Housing Associations are bound by a number of special restrictions, including those laid down in the Housing Act. For example, the Housing Association may not simply enter into a ”sustainable relationship” with another party and they may not be regarded as an electricity provider themselves. How can the preservation of a property be legally framed if the property is owned by a Housing Association? Is permission required from the Housing Authority? Do the leaseholders still play a role in this?

Is a Housing Association involved in your project? Our Sustainability Department will be happy to help you find a solution for all parties involved.

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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
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mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille

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