Sustainable investment


Sustainability is not only a modern term at Olenz; We really believe in it too!

This is reflected in our office building where a heat/ cold installation regulates the temperature. In addition, there are solar panels on the roof and we have made use of sustainable materials as much as possible, and because we are aware of sustainability ourselves, we also understand what it is all about.

Not only as regards to the legal aspects, but we also understand how such installations work.

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mw. mr. Moniek Wever
mw. mr. Moniek Wever werkzaam bij Olenz Notarissen Veenendaal
Assigned notary
mw. mr. Moniek Wever
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille
Civil law notary
mr. Arnaud Wilod Versprille

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