Insured up to 75 million. Insurplus, the extra financial security for your business.

Olenz Notaries is insured to take part in large assignments of companies and non-profit organizations.

Every notary office has the obligation to be insured to an amount of 25 million by means of professional liability insurance. If the importance of your assignment exceeds this amount, the notary’s liability would be limited to the maximum amount stated above. This can be found in the general terms and conditions of each notary. Extra damage is therefore not reimbursed by us.

However, because Olenz Notaries regularly perform assignments with greater interest, Olenz has qualified to increase its professional liability insurance to 75 million. You are ensured, even at larger amounts.

Olenz Notaries is proud that it qualifies for this increase insurance, because of the professionalism of our team, and an excellent track record has been built. As a result, Olenz is now a member of the cooperative Insurplus U.A., a group of regional notary offices of excellent reputation that have collectively entered into this insurance.

If a transaction incurred is higher than 25 million, clients will have an interest in higher insurance. Many banks require that the notary in question also has adequate insurance. As a result, the bank does not run a risk, as, if it proves that the notary has made a mistake that is not insured, the bank will not have to pay.

So far, many of these larger transactions have been disposed of on the South axis with the infamously associated tariffs. OLENZ Notaries has the knowledge and skill to accompany these major transactions with the appropriate insurance while maintaining personal contact with the client at a fair price.

For more information about the cooperative Insurplus U.A. or the insurance of Olenz, please contact Olenz notaries or visit