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Good advice is at least as important as defining the agreements

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Who will decide for me about my business if I can no longer do it myself?

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Olenz Notarissen is one of the oldest offices in the Netherlands, since the first Veenendaal civil-law notary was certified in 1681, we have been active in the Netherlands.

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If you want to separate without too much argument, the notary can tell you exactly what was previously agreed.

Real estate

mw. mr. Nikky Taboas y van Burken

Nikky (1990) studied at the University of Utrecht, where she obtained her masters in notarial law and private law. As from July 2015, she has worked at Olenz notaries in the real estate department, where she is currently mainly involved in new construction, project development and VAT and transfer tax issues. In her spare time, she likes to be out in nature horse riding.

mw. mr. Nikky Taboas y van Burken werkzaam bij Olenz Notarissen Veenendaal
Junior notary at Olenz
Expertise >Real estate
Dutch, English

Junior Notary with Olenz notarissen since 2015

  • Notarieel recht, Universiteit Utrecht (2015)
  • Nederlands recht, Privaatrecht, Universiteit Utrecht (2015)